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Great-Grandma Says...

  • We Shall Overcome Background 484:11

Great Grandma says our people wore chains
In the days she calls long ago
She tells the story of Africa
It’s important for us to know
We came here in chains

They changed our name
The way we were treated
Was an awful shame
Living was rough
Slave life was tough

But Great-Grandma reminds us
They never gave up
Slavery ended
All over the nation
With a special decree…
The Emancipation Proclamation

And still they didn’t
Let freedom ring
But a leader stood up
His name was Dr. King
Great Grandma calls him
The man who beat the drum
And marched for freedom
Saying we shall overcome

Great-Grandma was crying
The other day
I asked what was wrong
She had this to say:
“These are tears of joy
For I have lived to see
A wonderful day in
American History…

…After all these years
Of trouble and pain
Our people have moved
From chains to change”
With President Obama
We are moving ahead
From chains to change

Like Great-Grandma said
If you want to ride
On the road of change
Then hop aboard
The freedom train!

by Kemba

(At the conclusion of the poem - Sing the familiar tune:

“Get on Board”)

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