When the freedom riders
Were going strong
The battle for equality
Was hard and long

Some battles aren’t fought
With a knife or a gun
Sitting down to take a stand
Is how freedom was won

We learned the lesson well
From the Native American man
That sometimes you can sit down
To take a stand

Ghandi, and King
And other leaders who were wise
Tried to talk and make peace
Or some kind of compromise

But, just like the great chiefs
When the time to talk was over,
Those would-be foes
Were surprised to discover

Just when they thought
They had worked their plan
The wise ones had decided
To sit down to take a stand

You’ll find this method
Can often be the best way
To work out problems
When there’s nothing to say

Seek wisdom and truth
These two go hand in hand
And you’ll see that sometimes
You sit down to take a stand.

by Kemba

  • Hold to God's Unchanging Hand 2483:00

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Take A Stand