Gospel Music History:

Song of the Civil Rights Movement

"We Shall Overcome"

This song was, and still is, a popular song sung by people who are fighting for freedom from injustice and oppression. There are several versions of the song below which can be used for your programs, congregational worship, and background music.

We Shall Overcome
(Gospel Congregational Version)

We Shall Overcome 
(Background Music Version - for Speeches)

Children's Poem Titled:
"Great-Grandma Says..."
Great for African-American History Month
View poem...click here

We Shall Overcome

(Inspirational Version/Congregational Singing)

H.I.P. Poetry Selection
"We're Gonna' Walk"
by Kemba
(a poem in tribute to the civil rights tradition)

View the poem...click this link.

H.I.P. Writers Corner:

"City Called Heaven" 
The story is about a female inmate on death row.
 (for discussion and dialogue

on crime and punishment in America) 
This selection is not appropriate

for children under 18 years of age. 
To read this story, click here.

  • We Shall Overcome Background 484:11

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