It's Christmas Sing -Along (Lyrics)

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                    It's Christmas Sing-Along


With preparations done

It's time to have some fun

Don't hesitate to celebrate

The season has begun!

The airport is abuzz

With travelers just because

They visit family once a year

To dine with love and cheer!

Chorus: (Two Groups)

Group 1                             Group 2

Merry Christmas!                      Another chance to sing and dance

                                               To make new friends and find romance

Merry Christmas!                      And gifts for every girl and boy

                                               Their parents give with love and joy!

(Chorus is repeated and on the second time add...Yay! (harmonize)

(Back to the beginning.... then on to the ending)

Ending: (3 x's)

It's Christmas! It's Christmas!

Peace on Earth,

Good will toward men!