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JHML Kids Poetry Place Selection 2

Organized Play

One and-uh two, three and-uh four
Three players can play, now let’s add more.
Taking turns gives everyone a chance,
To run, to jump, to throw, to dance.

Each player is important, a part of the game,
Use letters or sounds or call them by name.
No one is left out, we participate,
When we punt, pass, or kick,
When we roll, toss or skate.

Follow the leader, remember the rules,
That’s part of the things we learn in school.
Sometimes the teacher will show us the way,
To have organized fun, and have organized play.

So don’t walk away when the game is done,
We all played together and enjoyed the fun.
Let’s clean up the tools, the pieces and toys,
Some work for the girls, some work for the boys.

A clean, a neat, and a tidy space,
Makes playing a joy, in an organized place.

by Kemba

  • Ant Colony Theme jhw1:40