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JHML Kids Poetry Place Selection 3

Free Play!

Free play! Free Play!
What game will I choose today?
I like to run, I like to jump
Maybe I’ll sit on a short tree stump.

My friends are here, my pals are there,
Playing “hide and seek,” running everywhere.
In free play there is an important rule,
The most important rule in the school.

Use your eyes and your ears to see and to hear,
It will help you stay safe. It will keep the path clear.
When running and playing use proper care,
Your eyes and your ears must be aware,

Of the signals and signs of the calls or alarms,
The whistles, the buzzers, or wave of the arms.
There are rules to help us come to attention,
There may be something the leader should mention.

Use a game of freeze to stop the free play,
When the playground leader has something to say.
Line up quickly and quietly when the leader calls,
Put away all the toys, all the games, and the balls.

Free play! Free play!
What game did I choose today?
What did I do? Did I jump, did I run?
I think I’ll write a story about free play fun!

by Kemba

  • Free as a Bird ST#2 1:10