Joyful Harts Music Library

​​​​​​Joyful Harts Music Library


Some of the music listed on the Joyful Harts Music Library, free music website,

is receiving a bit more attention and requests for sale.

Over 100  JHML tracks are now available on for licensing and sale.

Eleven songs are streaming by the thousands on the Internet and/or!

Seventeen Cafe

I Come to Worship

Spending Time

Send Me Love

Frighty Night Disc0

​Space Camp Disco

Sunset Mambo

A Groove Is Born (Af-Cu)

Snow in the Moonlight​ 

​River Journey

​Om the Edge

Thanks to all of our website visitors for making our music popular.

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Religious and Gospel:
I Come to Worship
Faith is the Foundation

Because of You and Me (A World That's Better)
Blessed Beyond the Limits
I Say Thank You, Jesus (piano)
I Say Thank You, Jesus (with drums)
The Promise (Based Upon I Thessalonians 5:16-22)
Hear the Word (Sung Before the Gospel)
God and You (Mother's Day Dedication)
Let the Lord Work (saxophone)
Let the Lord Work (saxophone and flute)

Thanksgiving Song:
Harvest Time

Christmas Songs:
It's Christmas Sing-along
It's Christmas Sing-along (Karaoke)
My Savior
'Tis the Season (Flute)
'Tis the Season (Trumpet)

Smooth Jazz:
Spending Time
Just Dance!
Sweet and Jazzy

Latin Music:
Sunset Mambo
Energico (Club Latin)

Tween Pop:
Summer Fun (Ab)
Summer Fun (Bb)
On the Move

Halloween and Space Themes:
Star at Four
March of the Halloween Children
Frighty Night Disco
Space Camp Disco
What's That Sound?

Tronica Cache

Easy Listening:
Get My Cowboy Hat
Blue Meadow
Traveling With You
With All My Heart
Send Me Love
Western Road

Patriotic Music:
United We Stand

Children's Novelty Songs:
Do the Elephant Walk

Special Occasion:
Birthday Blessing

Dramatic Themes:


Peaceful Sky

Island Dream
Max, Private Eye
Distant Oasis
Riding Into Town, It's Going Down