Joyful Harts Music Library

Music Library B

Sound Effects

1. Storm(0:50)
sounds of nature and synthesizer

2. Bird Talk (0.30)
synthesizer sounds

actual sounds(2:25)

4. Wrecking Crew (0:57)
simulated effects

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Story Themes (for children's books)

Background Music List

1. Travel the World (lyrics available) (2:27)
Introduction to Reading Theme Song 
(sheet music available)
For Lyrics, click here

2. Escape (1:55)
Theme Music for Suspenseful Retreat

3. Playtime
New Arrangement of "Playtime!"
The song "Playtime" is now a Noteflight music notation melody. Just click on
the arrow and the playback feature will play through the sheet music for you.


Story Themes II (for children's books)
1. Feathered Friends (2:29)

2. Lullaby (2:02)
Keyboard Theme

3. Tender Lullaby

4. The Parade (1:47)

(sheet music available)

5. Free as a Bird (1:10)