Joyful Harts Music Library

Celebrating Our 8th Year on the Web!

Our History

The Joyful Harts Music Library has been in existence since 2009. Our site was created to provide music and sound resources for educators, parents, filmmakers and storytellers.

Our vision was, and is, to serve the internet community as a non-profit source of background music and sound effects which help parents, educators, storytellers, and filmmakers add music to their projects and presentations.

The Joyful Harts Music Library creative and musical director, Kemba, received free music lessons from her church as a child. After growing and enjoying many genres of music throughout her life, from the CSO to Earth Wind and Fire, she decided to bring the resources of our music library

to the internet as a token of appreciation to her church and to the arts community she loves. 

Since the simple beginnings of our site, which included four pages of music and sound effects,

we have expanded to include educational resources, links and connections to our commercial licensing portfolio, links to interactive educational websites for music composition and fun, inspirational quotes, music and math connections, story-starter activities, as well as many read-to-music-activities.

The JHML Monthly News Page provides parents and educators links to calendar activities, recreational events, and coloring pages to make learning fun!

Over the years we have received e-mails thanking the JHML for our resources and links.
We appreciate your feedback and hope to hear from you in the future.

Thank you to all of the visitors to our website for nearly a decade. 
Thank you to all of the people who stop, listen, create, and enjoy!