(It is Better) Farther On

As we travel through the desert
Storms beset us on our way;
But beyond the River Jordan
Lies a field of endless days.

Farther on still go farther,
Count the milestones one by one.
Jesus will forsake you never.
It is better farther on.

Oh my brother are you weary
Of the roughness of the way?
Does your strength begin to fail you
And your vigor to decay?

Jesus, Jesus will go with you,
He will lead you to the throne,
He who dyed His garments for you,
And the winepress trod alone.

At my grave I'll still you be singing,
Though you weep for one that’s gone.
Singing as we once did singing,
It is better farther on.

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In this time of challenges... as families suffer loss from the pandemic, as well as tragedy and natural disaster, we can find comfort in the words of an old traditional hymn. (Author Unknown)