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Our Audio Library:

If you are looking for music to add zest to your school play,
Reader's Theater, your short film, or just background music
for reading and storytelling, you will find what you need
in our library. Many of the selections are theme-based sound pieces.
You can create a "Peter-and-the-wolf" atmosphere for your production with the music from our audio library.

Guide to Browsing Musical Selections:
1. Choose a music library (A-D), or, choose a musical theme collection.
 Sound file titles indicate theme of each selection.
2. Listen to the sound files. Some files take a few seconds to load.
3. Choose and/or notate the selections you enjoy. Copy the music for your project. It's Free!
4. If you would like for us to send you a CD by mail, click here for contact information.
($2.00 USD S&H)
    We will respond to your e-mail in two or three business days.

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New! Noteflight and Joyful Harts Music Practice Melodies.
Listen -Copy - Print For a list of melodies, click this link.
This is Practice Melody #18.

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New! Our latest project...
"Jasmine Fayre: The Backdoor Meets the Sea"
Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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Our Mission
Joyful Harts Music is a new
 company dedicated to providing music
and sound resources to meet the needs 
of musicians, filmmakers, educators, and all those who like to add music to their projects and activities.
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