I'm Going Through, Jesus

  • I'm Going Through 2603:37

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Lord, I have started to walk in the light
Shining upon me from heaven so bright;
I’ve bade the world and its follies adieu,
I've started in Jesus... and I'm going through.

I’m going through, I’m going through,
I’ll pay the price, whatever others do;
I’ll take the way with the Lord’s despised few;
I’m going through... Jesus... I’m going through.

Many they are who start in the race,
But with the light they refuse to keep pace;
Others accept it because it is new,
But not very many expect to go through. (Refrain)

​I’d rather walk with Jesus alone,
Have for a pillow, like Jacob, a stone;
Living each moment with His face in view,
Than shrink from my pathway and fail to go thro’. (Refrain)