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"The Author The Star and The Keeper" (2020) 

A father and a son living in a small town work together, grow together, play together, and laugh together. At the same time, the world is calling the young man.

What else is out there? What interesting people will he meet?

What will he become? Before long, it is time to try out the road to the world

outside of his small town lifestyle. A lot happens and great opportunity

find its place. But something is missing, and home is calling.

Circumstances are becoming complicated, even dangerous. Just when you think

that no help is coming…God is there. We never know when we have

“entertained angels unawares.” (Hebrews 13:2)

Starring: Bruce Marchiano, Dale Waddington, David Ruprecht, Heather Ricks, Simon Jon Provan, and Christian Gill

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The Bible (Series)

The Nativity Story

The Chosen (Series)

The Encounter

The Encounter: Paradise Lost

The Last Sin Eater 

War Room

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Miracle of the Cards

BenHur (2017)

Love Comes Softly (Film Series)

Classic Contemporary Christian Films Recommendations

 “The Chosen”  (Series)

The film follows the story of Jesus and the Disciples from the beginning of His ministry

and throughout the days of His Passion. This modern version of the story of Christ provides insight into the lives of the Disciples by way of the film author’s vision of what the characters who worked closely with Jesus may have thought, felt, and experienced; as the sacred ministry moved forward healing the sick, raising the dead, and preaching The Good News. There are also insights

as to how Jesus helped the Disciples become a more cohesive group, and helped them to focus

on the task at hand, rising above any and all challenges that they had to face. Jesus 
was preparing them for the day when He would no longer be with them on earth.

As you watch the series you will laugh, cry, experience joy, and empathize with the pain.

Most of all, your spirit can and will be renewed if you open your heart to the meaning of Christ’s ministry here on earth and His plan for our future. This is the Good News!

Starring: Jonathan Roumie, Shahar Isaac, Elizabeth Tabish, Paras Patel, Lara Silva,

Brandon Potter, and Erick Avari