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Ever Praise Music and the Joyful Harts Music Library...

List of Music Education Resources and Activity Links 

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Ever Praise Music

and the Joyful Harts Music Library

Joyful Harts Music Library

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Music Ed and Music Lessons Recommended Sites

1.Smart Music: Music Software for Educators and Students
2. Noteflight Music: Free Music Notation Website (Subscription Upgrades are Available)
3. Children’s Music Workshop: Music Education Website
4. Berklee: Free Online Music Courses for Young Adults and Adults
5.Coursera: Music Theory for Young Adults and Adults

Interactive Music Lessons and Games

PBS Kids
Classics for Kids
The Rhythm Trainer
Chrome Music Lab (experiment)
The Blob Chorus 
Music Memory Game
Inside the Orchestra Music Games for Children
AGame.com Music Games


Music Learning Tools for Educators, Students, and Families

Music Together Early Childhood Music Resources for Families and Schools
Great Courses Lectures by Professor Robert Greenberg (Young Adults and Adults Course)

Classical Links List for Educators and Parents

Timeline of Great Composers (4 Timelines from 1100 to the Present)
Composers Birthday Lists 
Comprehensive List of Classical Links for Music Educators and Students 
Narrated Links List with Recommendations 
BBC Music
Classical Music Reviews 
Top Rated Musical Blogs List 
Free Songs for Kids Website
Songs for Teaching Website 
Beginners Guide to Classical Music
Classical Links for Children 



Free Music Resources for Parents and Teachers

School Freebies 
Online Songbook
Free Songs for Kids 
List of Free Sites 
Fun Music Company Website 
Music Tech Teacher 


Classical Music for Adults: Websites and Blogs

New York Philharmonic Music Educational Resources Digital Resources
The Big Project Classical Music Resources
BBC Magazine Classical Music Page 

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Children's  Resources