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PBS Docu-Series: "The Black Church"
Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. takes us on a journey which outlines
and enlightens viewers about the history of the Black Church in America. 
From the earliest periods of American history to the church of today, 
the influence of the Black Church can be seen in the fabric of America.
The journey takes us from the early American rural landscape
to the modern urban experience.
The series originally aired during Black History Month, but is a program
that can be viewed and experienced at any time of the year.

​Starring: Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Air  (2023)
In the 1980’s sports ruled. Whether it was tennis, football, the Olympics,

or any number of other sports venues, everyone was talking about a

player, a competitor,  or a team as their own. Quite a few basketball players were at the pinnacle of their careers in the 1980's. 

But, they didn’t know what was coming. 

Something unexpected came along and changed the game of basketball. Before long people were saying that it was all about the shoes. The sports shoe industry didn’t know what was coming. This film gives a closer look at the “shoe game” and how it was played. Nobody thought that one player could make such a difference in the game of basketball. And absolutely nobody thought one shoe could change the face of the retail shoe industry.

Starring:  Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Tucker, Jason Bateman, 

and Viola Davis

Rated: R (Ages 16 and Older) Language, Violence

Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy
The road where science and scripture meet often occurs
in the field of archaeology and the science of authentication of artifacts. Archaeological digs and carbon dating have helped scientists
unravel key facts and information.
Decades old theories that Moses did not write the
first five books of the Bible have raged on
for some time. A new look at these theories
reveals something quite different. 
Starring: Timothy Mahoney

Ever Praise Music Family Film Reviews

(for Mom and Dad)

"​ Fireproof"

It’s cool to enjoy the superheroes of cinema. We all have our favorite larger than life superheroes list. Whether it is one or two heroes, or we have a costume closet

full of hero outfits for every occasion, superheroes can be a lot of fun to share with family and friends. Sometimes, however, there are real life super heroes to see, to share their stories,

and to celebrate. Most people have at least one real person, that is an individual who has gone above and beyond in our lives. It could be a teacher, a mentor, a relative, a police officer,

a firefighter, a first responder, a doctor, a lawyer or someone else who has made a difference in our life. In most cases these heroes have families, too. Fireproof is the story

                                       of a firefighter who has some critical questions to answer. Possibly the most important question he has to ask has just one word…                                                                                                            


Starring: Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea, Alex Kendrick, Jason McLeod, Stephen Kendrick, Stephen Dervin, and Ken Bevel 
(Note: The film addresses the Elephant in the Room with real answers, and practical application strategies. Print materials are available)


The Climb (2002) 
Perseverance in danger and extreme conditions is the task of two

expert mountain climbers attempting to climb one of the most challenging mountain peaks in the world – high in the Andes Mountains. 

Tenacity, teamwork, and humility are the real issues at stake in this endeavor. Does a climb like this seem impossible?
Faith in the One who makes all things possible is the way of hope,

the way of true purpose, and the way of peace. This film is inspiring

for young adults and adults.

Starring: Jason George, Ned Vaughn, Dabney Coleman
​Rated PG

What a tangled web of war, politics, homeland security, ambition,

moral choices, and public scrutiny… 
Lines are blurred, lines are crossed, and lines in the sand are figuratively and literally drawn. The film takes a look at the science, the politics, and the secret plans, of America’s Manhattan Project. Excellent casting and superb acting by an all-star cast, give us the rare opportunity to revisit this slice of history. The moral issues will give us pause. The tools of war, and the long-term effects of weapons of mass destruction are things we need to reflect upon.  Oppenheimer is an excellent film.

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey, Jr., Florence Pugh, Emily Blunt, Josh Hartnett, Matt Damon, and David Krumholtz,

"The Burial"
History, family, hard work, and the lasting legacy of many generations… 
Can a modern film bring such things to life, or are these things reserved for epics

and period pieces? “The Burial” by Amazon Films accomplishes this objective by bringing 
a story based upon true events to the screen. Great films often bring joy and laughter, introspection and compassion, and a wide range of emotions. Occasionally, a film will create a feeling in the pit of your stomach when certain historic events are portrayed 
by skilled actors. Jamie Foxx and Tommie Lee Jones give superb performances as they portray the true story of a small business takeover scheme. “Based upon true events”

is a phrase we often take for granted when we view a particular film presentation, that is, until you come to a story where you can remember some of the events yourself

or have a connection to people who were part of those events. In this case, I felt it…

and found myself saying “I remember that.” 
Starring: Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones, Jurnee Smollett, Pamela Reed, Mamoudou Athie, Alan Ruck, and Bill Camp

The Author The Star and The Keeper (2020) 
A father and a son living in a small town work together, grow together, play together, and laugh together. At the same time, the world is calling the young man. What else is out there? What interesting people will he meet? What will he become? Before long, it is time to try out the road to the world outside of his small town lifestyle.

A lot happens and great opportunity finds its place. But something

is missing, and home is calling. Circumstances are becoming complicated,

even dangerous. Just when you think that no help is coming…God is there.

We never know when we have “entertained angels unawares.” (Hebrews 13:2)
Starring: Bruce Marchiano, Dale Waddington, David Ruprecht, Heather Ricks, Simon Jon Provan, and Christian Gill

Thou Shalt Laugh 1 (2006)
The Book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, teaches us that there is a time and place for everything.

"a time to weep, and a time to laugh..." 
Many Christians have forgotten about the verses of the Bible that tell us to eat, drink, and be merry. We have forgotten about the wedding of Cana, and we have forgotten about the verses that tell us to celebrate God with high and thunderous praise.

If you are new to Christian comedy and want to become reacquainted with some of the joys of good comedy,

Thou Shalt Laugh 1 is a good place to start. The film brings a group of comedians together in a church in southern California before an audience of Christians and friends. Each comedian brings their own brand of comedy to the platform.
Give this video a try. You will likely laugh until you cry.

Patricia Heaton, Jeff Allen, Thor Ramsey, Michael Jr., Taylor Mason, Gilbert Esquivel, Theresa Roberts Logan, and Joby Saad

Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea (2012)
The film brings the story of the prophet Hosea to life. A camping trip with a gifted team leader and master storyteller, gives the youth of the church a chance to experience this Bible story in a new and different way. The film uses realistic reenactments to enhance the understanding of the campers as they listen and discuss the scripture. This film is of great value to Bible students

of all ages. We can see through the eyes of the prophet how our relationship with God is often filled with our missteps and with Gods faithfulness, compassion, and forgiveness.

​Starring: Sean Astin, Elijah Alexander,  Kenton Duty

The Case for Christ (2017 Film)
What happens when an internationally known journalist and proclaimed atheist sets out to prove that Christ and the resurrection is just a myth? Lee Strobel, a well-known and celebrated journalist, travels the globe
to seek out evidence to disprove all that we know and believe about Jesus Christ who is the cornerstone of our faith.  Strobel seeks the facts and information from scientists, archaeologists, and historians around the world. Here is one piece of advice in watching this program; stay with it until the end.

Rated PG​
Starring: L. Scott Caldwell,  Erika Christensen, Faye Dunaway

Seven Days in Utopia" (2011)
Someone once gave me a valuable piece of advice. They told me that if you want

to really get to know a person, play a game with them. At that time in history the person was referring to card games, board games, or outdoor sports. As my journey continued,

I found the advice to be accurate and true. Games sometimes bring out the best and sometimes bring out the worst in people. Even when the worst comes out, it is not the end of the world. We are relieved because it was just a game. Games can show us what we need to work on, and why we need to work on it; before we get into real life circumstances. Games can help us fashion a positive approach and a positive purpose

 for living our lives. In the film, a little time spent in a new town, with a different way of life can make all the difference. Have you ever watched a film when you had a good idea of where the story might go, but the quality of the actors, the script, and the skill of the writers, made you want to stay with the journey? Another friend gave some additional good advice. Always play the tape until the end. This was more great advice.

Watch the film until the end.

Starring: Lucas Black, Melissa Leo,  Deborah Ann Woll, Brian Geraghty,

and Robert Duvall

​Rated: G

"My Next Guest Needs No Introduction:
The name of this Netflix series says quite a bit about the show.  Hollywood celebrities, comedians, entertainment moguls, reality stars, a billionaire, a basketball star,

a Nobel Prize recipient, and a former President of the United States are all on the list.

David sits down with his guests in comfy chairs on stage for a discussion with each individual. At times, David goes on location to get first-hand experience with his guests. David learns, actually we all learn, so much from interviews with people who take time to sit down

and allow themselves to be asked interesting and sometimes tough questions about

their journey. It is great to see interviews like the ones David Letterman creates

for this series. Take a minute and peruse the guest list.

Then, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Starring: David Letterman, Music by Paul Shaffer, and Guests Who Need No Introduction

Till  (2022)
Every now and then, we should stop, take a moment, breathe deeply, and remember. Respect, equality, and tolerance are very important words. They are easy to say but, sometimes, hard to achieve. In the film, talented writers, gifted actors, and a dedicated film crew, give us an opportunity to step right into the 1950's. Till is a film which is deeply moving, challenging to view, yet very realistic in depicting the events of one of the most important legal cases of the Civil Rights Movement in America. A mother's love cannot be measured.

Starring: Danielle Deadwyler, Frankie Faison, Jaylyn Hall, Haley Bennett, and Whoopi Goldberg
Rated PG-13