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and the Joyful Harts Music Library

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As we have re-designed our website, we have included a few samples of the music from years past. 

Copy and use music for educational and presentation purposes only. 

Sale and distribution require permission from the Joyful Harts Music Library and Harts In Praise Productions. Thank you.

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  • Darbie's Song2:05
  • Playtime...2:16
  • Barrel of Laughter 1:09
  • Friendly Fun!1:31
  • Hospital Visit2:01
  • Beautiful Unicorn 1:29
  • She learns to Ride1:02
  • Leaving the Nest jhw1:18
  • Galloping Unicorn 0:58
  • Taking the Train3:13
  • Family Business 1:57
  • Slippery Slopes Mix1:36

Joyful Harts Music Library 

Site Nostalgia Music Samples

Children's Musical Themes

Themes for Projects and Presentations

  • Peaceful Background Theme2:47
  • Gentle Woman 1:01
  • Taking the Train 3:13
  • Whale Advetures 1:15
  • Transformation1:27
  • Healing...1:48
  • Disco Solaris1:44
  • Dream Walking 2:16
  • Jazz Background Music1:59
  • Soulful Sounds 171:36